CSA 2010: Week 7, plus a farmer's market visit

Phew! This week was broccoli-free. But they did have 4 heads of lettuce for us, and since we're going to be away for a few nights this week (and I'll admit we still have some lettuce in the fridge from last week), I only took two and placed the others in the donation box for the local soup kitchen.

We also made a stop at the Montgomery farmer's market, where we picked up a few ears of sweet corn, some tomatoes (local, but greenhouse-grown), basil, snap peas, a delicious walnut-blue cheese fougasse, and tart cherries (cobbler tonight, woo!).

The farm haul for this week:

4 heads of lettuce
Kale (I am approaching my kale saturation point for the year)
Spring onions

Our newsletter said they're hoping to have summer squash and tomatoes in time for July 4th...yeah! Meanwhile, this will be another salad-filled week.

2 Response to "CSA 2010: Week 7, plus a farmer's market visit"

  1. Lo Says:

    Kale saturation point? Nooo...! :) That said, we do love kale around our house, and it manages to make its way into just about everything.

    Looks like a great CSA week to me!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    It really has been a good season so far, and everything from our farm is always top quality.

    As for the kale...well, I just need to look around for some inspiration for using it up. I already have a fair bit of it blanched and chopped and frozen. But I'm definitely ready for some color variety in our shares! The yellow and pink stems of the rainbow chard are pretty but don't quite count...

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