Friday night is sandwich night!

Last fall, in an effort to simplify weekly meal planning and get Ryan, age 4, involved in the process, I declared that Friday nights would be pizza nights. Not takeout pizza- homemade pizza. Each week, one family member gets to pick the toppings and that's the pizza I make. It was fun and easy- Ryan looked forward to it every week and tried some new toppings, and when Aiden's teeth started to come in, he decided he liked pizza a lot.

Now that summer is approaching and it's getting hot out, I'm not so inclined to turn the oven on to 500 degrees every Friday night. So for the summer season, we're replacing pizza night with sandwich night! Again, the idea is to keep things nice and easy, and give each family member a turn at picking out a sandwich for me to make. This is a meal we can easily enjoy while relaxing on the deck, with a cold end-of-the-week drink for the grown-ups, and there's minimal cleanup involved for Mr. H.

This week was Mr. H's turn to pick, and he chose a variation on grilled cheese: grilled cheddar with apples and baby spinach on sourdough. Sounded good to me, and it was! I slathered some honey mustard on my bread before adding the other fillings; Mr. H is anti-condiment so his sandwich was mustard-free. I was surprised and pleased that Ryan didn't even hesitate to eat this combination- I *almost* made him a plain grilled cheese, but then I went ahead and made him the same sandwich as the grown-ups, and he ate it. Even Aiden scarfed down some baby-sized bites of sandwich! On the side we had potato chips, and a salad of bibb lettuce and strawberries in a sweet poppyseed vinaigrette. Nice way to end the week, right?

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