ADHD and pesticides?

Today, CNN published a story about new research linking childhood ADHD with pesticide exposure.

Oy. Yes, it's just one study. Yes, the study has some limitations (such as the fact that they only measured pesticide levels one time per child- we don't know how much those levels might fluctuate over the short and long terms). No, there's no definitive causal link between the two at this point. But in my opinion, it's yet another reason to be particularly thoughtful about the choices we make when feeding our kids, and it makes me feel even more committed to choosing organic and/or local produce for my family whenever possible.

If you haven't already seen it, the Environmental Working Group recently published its 2010 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides, which includes a list of the "dirty dozen" most contaminated fruits and veggies (would you have guessed that celery would top the list?), and the "clean fifteen" that are least likely to be contaminated. You can even print out a handy wallet-sized copy of the list to carry with you to the store. I know it will help me make more informed decisions in the produce section.

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