CSA 2010: Week 3

Greens galore! This week's share:

2 bunches kale
4 heads lettuce
1 lb. spinach
1/4 lb. arugula
1/2 pint strawberries

I know the berry quantities sound puny, but it's still early in the season. In past years, the first day of strawberry picking wasn't even until Memorial Day weekend, and in 2010 we're already at week 3 of berries. So I'm hoping that much larger yields are still to come!

I've already used most of the spinach and all of the arugula. I'm planning to blanch, chop and freeze the kale for later use- it stands up really well to freezing- or maybe make my favorite potatoes and greens dish. And as for the lettuce...salad days continue!

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