Sandwich night: Spinach and artichoke panini

Darn it, I keep forgetting to take pictures!

Tonight it was Jason's night to choose, but when I asked him what he wanted, he just mused "Well, panini would be good. Maybe something with artichokes..." And that was all the guidance I was going to get.

I'm on a major clean-out-the-pantry and purge-the-freezer kick, so I went rooting around and here's what I came up with. A can of artichoke hearts, a jar of roasted red peppers, and a package of frozen chopped spinach. In the fridge I found some Boursin and mozzarella.

I drained and chopped the artichoke hearts. Heated some olive oil in a skillet, then threw in some minced garlic and let it sizzle. I dumped in the artichokes and sauteed them til they started to brown just a bit, then stirred in the thawed, drained spinach and let the mixture cook til heated through. I sliced up a round french loaf, and spread Boursin on half of the slices. Then I topped the Boursin with the spinach-artichoke mixture, roasted pepper strips, and some shredded mozzarella. The outside of each sandwich got a light brushing of olive oil. Five minutes in the panini press and the sandwiches were cooked to golden perfection. Very tasty, AND I cleared out 3 pantry/freezer items plus finished off the Boursin and mozzarella. I need to think of Boursin for panini more often- the creamy texture and garlic-herb flavors make it a great spread for hot sandwiches.

Next week it's back to Ryan's turn, and I'm hoping his choice will be something other than banana-Nutella panini. We'll see...

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  1. Lo Says:

    Spinach artichoke panini sound fantastic... we've made this magic on pizza, but haven't converted it to a panini yet. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Sounds like Ryan has got a sweet tooth very similar to Peef! (he'd make chocolate panini all day long if I let him) Crossing my fingers for you!

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